The travelling photo gallery

An introduction


The Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club is a local club made up of people who enjoy photography, producing top quality photographs and above all sharing their pictures with the wider community in Dawlish and Teignmouth.

We recently held a very successful exhibition at the TAAG Centre in Teignmouth.  In preparation for this event we purchased 100 black frames to display our pictures. Rather than just storing them between exhibitions it has been suggested that we find a way to use some of them to display pictures within the community. So we have devised a scheme which we have named The Travelling Photo Gallery and we are asking whether you would like to be one of the locations which we travel to?

The Travelling Photo Gallery would be a means to give pleasure and interest to those who visit your premises whilst allowing local photographers to share their work in the community.  We would also offer the opportunity for people to purchase our pictures with the potential to raise funds for your organisation or a charity of your choosing.

Principals of the gallery

  1. We will produce multiple packs of 6 frames and pictures. The frames are black and photos are beautifully displayed behind mounting board. Each frame is 50cm x 40cm.

  2. The pictures will then be lent to your organisation and swapped on a regular basis. 

  3. The pictures will be the responsibility of the location where they are displayed and any loss or damage will be charged for. We will therefore require a signed agreement to this effect.

  4. If someone wants to buy a picture, then they can place an order with you and we will arrange for either the actual picture or another one to be printed (depending on the requirements of the owner). When a picture is sold it will be replaced with a new picture at the changeover date. We will sell the frames at additional cost. You will receive 25% of the proceeds of the picture only, to use at your discretion.

How it works 

  1. Each pack of 6 framed photographs is delivered and the pictures put in place and left for 2 months.  We will tell you the date for collection.

  2. The packs will either be themed or have a variety of pictures. 

  3. We will return at the end of the period and swap the pack for a new set of pictures and again leave for the agreed time.

  4. All pictures will be labelled with a corner label printed with: 

    1. Camera Club Logo and contact details

    2. Title

    3. Photographer.


So what do you think?  

Would you like to be a member of our Travelling Gallery Scheme?  For more information, please email 


7:20 pm (7:30 start) to 9:45 pm (ish)

See what's on

Holcombe Village Hall, EX7 0LF

We are opposite the Castle Inn on the junction of Holcombe Road and Fordens Lane, which is about half way between Dawlish and Teignmouth just off the A379. 

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