Set subjects competition - 2019 : the results and gallery of images



The Set Subject Competition is always a challenging topic, but members of Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club met it with enthusiasm and creativity.


Gordon Aspland, from Newton Abbot Camera Club, had the difficult task of judging entries for the theme of ‘Rich and Poor in Dawlish & Teignmouth’ for the print category and ‘Patterns’ for the digital image category.  


With his years of experience, the feedback Gordon provided was insightful, with lots of helpful suggestions for how to give a picture that X factor.


The topic of Patterns gave members the chance to flex their creative muscle with some dazzling displays of composite images, together with actual patterns in nature and architecture.  New member to the Club, Bobbie Smith, was delighted to win a Gold in her first competition entry with her photo  ‘Between two panes’.

Rich and poor in Dawlish and Teignmouth


Gold award: 

Ken Holland


Silver awards

Ken Redshaw 



Gold awards: 

Tony Wilson 

Bibbie Smith


Silver awards:

Tony Wilson

Nigel West

Barry Holmes 


Bronze awards:

Howard Sheard

Paul Hepple

Dave Hutton


Ken Redshaw, Gordon Aspland and Ken Holland