Mayor's seal of approval

The Dawlish and Teignmouth Camera Club celebrated their final evening with an Annual Awards Ceremony presided over by the new Mayor of Dawlish, Lisa Mayne – a keen black and white photographer herself.

In a buzz of excitement Dave Hutton, Competitions Secretary, read out the names of those members with the highest performance scores thanks to their successes in the print and digital competitions over the past eight months. These achievements were then recognised with a personally inscribed medal for each of the awarding categories and presented by the Mayor.

Bob Normand - winner of Black and White Print of the Year, Digital Image of the Year and joint Panel of Images - with the Mayor Lisa Mayne

The winners are:

Standard Black and White Prints

1st – Howard Sheard

2nd – Leslie Cooper

3rd - Barbara Ferrity, Denise Searle, Gwynneth Chubb

Standard Colour Prints

1st – Tejas Earp

2nd – Gwynneth Chubb

3rd – Howard Sheard

Advanced Black and White Prints

1st – Ken Holland

2nd – Tony Wilson

3rd – Paul Lawson

Advanced Colour Prints

1st – Tony Wilson

2nd – Nigel West

3rd – Ken Holland, Bob Normand

Standard Digital Image

1st – Dave Hutton

2nd – Tejas Earp

3rd – Naomi Stolow, Martyn Stead, Howard Sheard

Advanced Digital Image

1st – Tony Wilson

2nd – Barry Holmes

3rd – Nigel West, Peter Sillifant

Mono Print of the Year

1st – Bob Normand

2nd – Dave Hutton

3rd – Leslie Cooper

Colour Print of the Year

1st – David Molyneux

2nd – Bob Kethro

3rd – Tony Wilson

Digital Image of the Year

1st – Bob Normand

2nd – Bob Kethro

3rd – Ken Holland

Panel 5 Prints

1st - Tony Wilson

Panel of 5 Digital Images

Joint 1st – Edward Chorlton and Bob Normand

Most Improved Standard Photographer

Tejas Earp

Most Imaginative Photographer as selected by Judges

Joint 1st – Tony Wilson and Barry Holmes

3rd – Leslie Cooper

The joyous event finished with lots of congratulating and socialising over wine and nibbles.

The new season starts on Wednesday 26th September - see our calendar here! We look forward to seeing you!

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