Clive Poultney

Amazing photos. Such talent.

Marija Lees LRPS

Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club have shown again what makes them such a successful club – one that is inclusive and nurturing, resulting in such a diverse and comprehensive presentation of its members’ work. The exhibition comprises a rich collection of work of so many different photographic genres and members who are at different stages of their photographic journey - a true visual feast! Some breathtakingly beautiful pictures that will stay with me for a long time - very personal interpretations - and it is true when they say that it is more important how we see than what we see. I love the use of the black & white medium in wildlife genre – it draws you in and accentuates the mystery of the wild. Some excellent people/street images where the decisive moment is what makes the picture tell the story. Also, work by photographers who are able to see something special in the ordinary, demonstrating so well the art of seeing. I love seeing the visual art genre so well represented showing what happens when creativity is allowed to run free. Well done - Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club - you have done yourself proud and shown us all the way forward. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Stephen Billings

Marvelous diversity!

James Levy

I looked at this last week, and had to revisit. So many different viewpoints, I feel as though I have been traveling- James Teignmouth and Dawlish and Holcombe enthusiast from across the Atlantic.

john kelley

a sense of quality that is in harmony with all the photo images - members study and really put a sense of purpose with their efforts

I once judged a competition of their work - it was both varied, as long lasting for me on that superb occasion
john kelley : RPS photo judge

Donna and Dave Gosney

Some brilliant photos! Such a wide range of themes.

Well done all that took part.

Donna and Dave Gosney.

James Levy

Hello Everyone,

What a wonderful way to start my morning looking at all the beautiful and varied images. This exhibition has lifted my spirits.

Liz Tarren

Wonderful range of images - I would have liked to see the titles for the images.

Chris Holland, Queensland Australia

An eclectic mix of images that represent a huge range of ideas and subjects. They are all beautifully exposed and composed. Well done to everyone who made a submission in this very successful display.

Marketa Zvelebil

What a wonderful selection of photographs! Some are simply exquisite. Enjoyed looking through them very much. Thank you.

Jessie Pownall

Thank you for sharing your beautiful images. What a super selection and a great variety of subjects.
Regards to all your members.

Colleen Jackson

Fabulous set of photos. Congrats to all.

Jane Moulder

Some interesting shots, glad to view it online. Hadn't realised Exeter had done the coloured brollys ! Great to see local views from someone else's perspective.

Kelvin Cude (Exeter Camera Club)

Great selection of images and well presented exhibition.
Lovely to see another club and it's members work.
Well Done

Gill Smith

Hello from Gill.
I have thoroughly enjoyed your on line exhibition. I think you have organised the display most invitingly. It is easy to access and the dark background really allows the photos to stand out. You have such a range of images to enjoy. Human and animal portraits Nature at its most beautiful and wild. Architecture. Landscapes. Abstracts. All captured with great sensitivity and technical ability.
Thank you all and continue having fun as you explore and continue to reveal the world through your lenses.

Carol Watson

Thank you for sharing your online exhibition, it is very well put together and it's nice to be able to vote for a favourite.

Carol Burton

Lovey presentation of your photograph

Robin Brennan ( Canada)

Nice variety of photographs - excellent perspectives and techniques

K. Andrew Rothery

Good to see you taking the initiative. Enjoyed it all, bit short of monochrome images and some colour work would have stood the conversion.

Clare Macdonald

I had always hoped that good would come out the past few months, and the time to stop, and be still, would inspire much creativity. This selection is proof of that. What an interesting selection of images, that must represent your different personalities and favourite photographic subjects. It has been extra special to see the many views of the familiar coast and moor, now I’m no longer local. Thank you for sharing and well done to you all.

Jake Macdonald

I enjoyed looking at these. Ken Holland in particular is a very talented photographer.

Julie W

Wonderful work everyone, very inspiring.

Subitha Sathyaseelan

Thank you!

Duncan Harris

Lovely set of images. Will come back later and vote, they deserve more time to do them justice.

Andrew James

Enjoyed look at all the photos. I especially liked the image taken at an airport showing both an inside and outside view as I thought that was well seen.

Paul C

Super set of images!

Johnny MacDougall

Excellent set of images and favourites clicked.

Kay Wilson, Saltash & District Camera Club

A wonderful variety of subjects and techniques in your online exhibition.
As an Australian, I found the Kangaroo Island image very significant. It was encouraging to see new growth after the fires, but if I didn't find something to laugh about, I would cry at the destruction of vulnerable and unique species.
Congratulations to your club on finding novel ways to continue during the pandemic, and thank you for inviting me to the viewing.

Paul Lawson

Excellent selection, great job.

John Baker - Exeter Camera Club

Thank you for the kind invitation to view your virtual exhibition. As always there was a really diverse selection of amazing images covering a wide range of subjects. They demonstrate a great variety of techniques, subjects and processes.
While COVID has been challenging for many, the way camera clubs have pulled together, supported their members and moved to virtual meetings and exhibitions has been really impressive – well done.
A really enjoyable set of pictures, nicely presented...