Fee survey for the 20/21 season 

Owing to Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the UK Government it may not be possible to run the Club in the same manner as previous years. There is an uncertainty as to when we can resume activities in the village hall at Holcombe, and we are therefore committed to using the Zoom conferencing system well into the season.


On a positive note we have a full and varied programme. All the external speakers and judges have been booked in advance, and until we can resume as normal all competitions will be DPI entries on-line. 

Barry Holmes, Chair

Please consider the two options for the 20/21 season below and let us know which you prefer by filling in the form below.

Proposal from Barry Holmes / Changes to fees / Option A

• Change of Fees

An annual subscription of £60 (this can be paid in two instalments of £30 if required, payable in October and February). This is the only subscription required to join the Club. 

There is NO weekly £2 fee payable at the door. Fees are to be paid on-line by bank transfer, or by cheque to the Club's treasurer.

• Concessions

To help bring the Club in-line with many photographic clubs within the country I am also

proposing a reduction of fees for:

Students in full-time education (post 18years) – 50% reduction in annual membership

Couples living in the same household – single joint fee of £100. 


• Justification of costs.

It is anticipated that the cost of running the Club for the season is approximately £2400.
If only 35 members join this leaves a shortfall of £300 – payable from the surplus of income already in the bank. If 40 members join there is no shortfall. Any increase in membership beyond 40 is added income to the Club.


Proposal from Nigel West / Changes to fees / Option B

  • An annual subscription of £30 

  • An additional fee payable when the club starts to meet again in Holcombe Village Hall.

    • If you return in January  £24 (January to May)

    • If you return in February £18 (February to May)

    • If you return in March  £12 (March to May)

    • If you return in  April £6 (May only)

  • ​Members who are shielding or who do not feel safe to return to the club will pay from the month they first start to attend.

  • Any shortfall in finance will be met from the club’s contingency fund - which is exactly what it is for!



Every club is different and funds itself in a different way.  A few years ago, we chose to set a small annual fee (£40) and then allow members to pick and choose when they attended by paying a weekly fee (£2).  This has allowed us to build up the club finances and increase our membership  so that we now have sufficient money to pay for the annual programme in advance including room hire and other costs, and to build a contingency fund for  a rainy day.  It is now raining!


There is no way of knowing when the club can meet again at Holcombe Village Hall so a large annual fee seems inappropriate because the room hire and refreshments, covered in our subscription, may not be needed.  There may also be some members (who are not retired) who may be uncertain of their income for this year and may leave if the fees are too high. Others may be unwilling to come back to the club immediately it resumes physically and will self isolate for longer.  For these reasons, and because we have the funds to do so, we recommend that the annual membership be reduced to £30 and that a sliding scale of monthly charge is applied for when, or if, we return. 


Rather than the £2 ‘on the door’ , which may be difficult to collect for Covid reasons, we will charge a single fee depending on which month the club resumes (and when you feel safe to return). This starts at £24 in January and reduces by £6 per month until April. The club programme will resume ‘on-line’ until we can physically meet again.