Online exhibition frequently asked questions

Can I buy a print?

If you see a print you love and would like to buy it you will first need to see if the photographer is willing to sell it.  Please use the contact form below and let us know the photographer's name and image title and we will put you in touch. 

How do I vote for my favourite images?

To vote for the images you love, simply click the heart icon at the top of the image and it will go solid red. To change your mind, just click again. This is just for fun and is nice feedback for the photographer to receive. 

How do I bid in your online auction? 


See our auction page

What's on and when? 

See our full programme of talks and speakers

How do I join a live talk? 

All our live talks are being hosted on Zoom.  For more on using zoom, please see zoom.us

About the Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club 


How can I find out more about the Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club

Find out more on our main website

Do you have a programme of events? 


Yes, we have a busy season planned for 20/21.  From September to December, all of our meetings will be on Zoom and you can download the programme here.  Our guest speakers and photographic judges have given the ok, but of course things may change. Keep an eye out on the main website for news. 


Do I need a big camera to join the club?

The best camera to use is the one you have with you. We don't mind what camera you have, big or small, and many of our members now use their phone cameras 

Are you on Facebook?

Yes. We have a public Facebook page and private Facebook group for members only. 

How do I contact someone from the club?

Simply fill in the contact form below.


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