5th Open Competition 2019 : the results 

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Awards for the monochrome category:

  • Gold

    • Ken Holland. On the Inside

    • Tony Wilson.  State Trooper

    • Kevin McDonagh. Old and New Bayards Cove

  • Silver

    • Denise Searle. Mist in Bai Tu Long

    • Tony Wilson.  Truron Auto

    • Paul Lawson. Fag Break

  • Bronze

    • Kevin McDonagh. Eastcliffe

    • Leslie Cooper.  Little Teal


Awards for the colour category:

  • Gold

    • Colour in the Loo  - Euston

  • Silver

    • Nigel West.  Sea Lion in Cave in Santa Fe

    • Graham Eteson.  Fallen Leaves on Reflected Trees

    • Barry Holmes. Candy Girl

    • Leslie Cooper. End of the Day

  • Bronze

    • Bob Normand. Edging

    • Denise Searle. Lady in Rice Hat

    • Barry Holmes. Our Girl in Havana

    • Graham Eteson. I saw Three Ships